Don't use color alone to convey information

Applicable Role(s): Content Creator, Developer


Users that are completely blind, have low vision or have a color vision deficiency will have trouble perceiving content if only color is used to indicate differences. The content should also use patterns to distinguish content as needed, or use meaningful semantics to describe information, rather than relying on color alone.

Best Practices and Tips

  • If color is needed to convey meaning, ensure there is a text alternative for that meaning as well.
  • Non-text elements need a 3:1 color contrast ratio with the background, and/or with surrounding non-text elements.



Inaccessible Example

Red = required, green = not required

Color coded table
Course Number Course
MUS 101 Intro to Music
MUS 110 Music Listening

This pattern isn't accessible for everyone because it requires being able to detect color at all, including red vs. green, to tell which class is required or not.

Accessible Example

Semantic table
Course Number Course Required
MUS 101 Intro to Music Yes
MUS 110 Music Listening No

The required column makes the table much more accessible, because the required info is detectable as text and doesn't solely rely on color.

Line Graph

Inaccessible Example

Three lines on a line graph using solid colors

This line chart uses three solid lines that are red, green, and blue. Because some users may have a hard time distinguishing red and green, it would be hard to tell which line is Windows and which line is Linux.

Accessible Example

Three lines of different colors on a line graph, one dotted, one dashed, and one solid

This line chart is accessible because it not only uses color, but uses different patterns of lines to distinguish the difference between the data. It also puts the names of the lines in close proximity to each line.

Photo credit © Penn State Accessibility

Error Messages

Inaccessible Example

password input with red border around it showing error, screenshot.

The error is only indicated with a red border, which wouldn't be detectable by anyone with non-visual means.

Accessible Example

Invalid password alert above username and password inputs, screenshot.

This message indicates that there is an invalid password, which lets the user to figure out which field to fix.