Provide transcripts for audio/video-only content

Applicable Role(s): Content Creator


Transcripts are helpful for a variety of users. Users that are deafblind, or learn best by reading text-based content can access media through a transcript. For audio only content like podcasts, transcripts make it accessible for deaf/hard-of-hearing users or users with hearing loss.

Additionally, people who want to skim the content before watching the whole video can do so with a transcript. Users on bad WiFi connections or cellular data may have difficulty accessing video or audio, so transcripts can provide a text-based version of the same content.

Best Practices and Tips

  • Include or link to the transcript near the video
  • Include speaker identifiers when introducing new speakers or when the speaker changes
  • Provide descriptions of visuals that aren't conveyed through audio
    • Example: [00:08:30] A yellow finch flies through the window
  • Provide description of key audio elements in the video
    • Example: [00:02:00] 🎵 "Where We Come Alive" by Ruelle 🎵


President's Statement of Solidarity

YouTube video, with full transcript expanded beneath the video

A11y Rules Podcast

Each episode page includes the transcript near the episode's audio file.

audio player with transcript text directly below it