URM Leadership

Donna Gibbs

Donna's professional portrait in front of a blue background
Vice President, University Relations and Marketing

Katrina Schuster

Blonde haired smiling Katrina in front of the Old Main building.
Executive Assistant to the Vice President

University Communications

Jonathan Higgins

Jonathan has short dark brown hair and a clean brown beard. Wearing a buttoned blue shirt.
Director, University Communications

John Thompson

John Thompson stands in front of a brick wall in a button down shirt and tie.
Assistant Director of University Communications

Mary Gallagher

Our veteran Publications Editor Mary Gallagher stands outside wearing a grey top and pink knitted scarf.
Publications Editor

Caitlyn Daniels

Caitlyn wears glasses and a black top with her long blonde hair layered in front.
Social Media Coordinator, University Communications

University Marketing

Elizabeth Lambert

Elizabeth Lambert appears in front of a background of trees.
Director, University Marketing

Derek Bryson

Derek Bryson smiles in front of an exterior background.
Assistant Director of Creative Services

Chris Baker

Chris Baker, Senior Graphic Designer, poses in front of trees.
Senior Graphic Designer

Mitchell O'Halloran

Mitch O'Halloran with clouds and the bay in the background
Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Services

Web Communications Technologies (WebTech)

Wayne Bakker

Wayne Bakker backlit in the sunshine, standing in front of an evergreen tree in Hawaii.
Senior Software Engineer

David Engebretson

David wears a 2020 celebration of excellence medal while standing in front of his apple tree.
Digital Technologies Accessibility

Carly Gerard

Carly wears a shirt with the text "Perceivable & Operable & Understandable & Robust". She has light skin, shoulder-length brown hair and big eyes.
Web Accessibility Engineer

Stephanie Paulantis

Stephanie wearing a black velvet gown with magenta trim and beading, standing in front of a backdrop of a staircase.
Front end developer/designer

Visual Media Production

Sean Patrick

Sitting cross-legged in the bow of a colorful, wooden river boat wearing a orange life jacket and shorts, Sean cradles a Sony with a long telephoto lens.
Director, Visual Media Production

Luke Hollister

Luke, wearing a cap, jacket and hiking pants, stands near a rocky, forested shoreline wielding a high tech video recorder.
Visual Journalist

Community Relations

Chris Roselli

Director, Community Relations

Tribal Relations

Small Business Development Center

Eric Grimsted

Senior Certified Business Advisor

Liliana Deck

Community Business Development Director/Certified Business Advisor

Sherri Daymon

Certified Business Advisor

Kathy Bastow

Certified Business Advisor

Asche Rider

Certified Business Advisor

Joyce Oswald

Center Director/Certified Business Advisor, Kitsap Small Business Development Center

Melissa Tanno

Business Advisor, Kitsap Small Business Development Center

Washington Campus Coalition For the Public Good

Amy Brown

AmeriCorps Program Director

Christina Carlson

AmeriCorps Enrollment Coordinator

Lainie Juhl

AmeriCorps Enrollment Coordinator

Arielle Knowles

AmeriCorps Member Engagement & Leadership Development Coordinator

Emma Magnuson

CLEC AmeriCorps Program Assistant

Kian Daggett

CLEC AmeriCorps Program Assistant