Menu Setup

Basic Menu Setup

This video will walk you through the process of setting up the main navigation for a Drupal 8 site.


Advanced Menu Setup: Multi-column Menus

3 column menu expanded

To create multi-column menus you will create two or more distinct menus, and then place them via the block layout page inside of your main navigation. You will first need to follow the steps in the Basic Menu Setup video.

Step One: Toggle Ultimenu Regions

Enable your primary menu items (the top links) as Ultimenu regions

  • Go to Structure > Ultimenu
  • Select Ultimenu regions
  • Check the box to each top level link that you want the ability to include other menus within
Ultimenu regions have been turned on for menu items with children

Step Two: Build the Menu

Navigate to Structure > Menus > Add Menu

  • Create a new menu
  • Add the links

Step Three: Place menu in the Ultimenu region

Go to Structure > Block Layout

  • At the bottom of the block layout page you will see your Ultimenu regions
  • Following the same process as placing your primary menu, place your new menu inside of the Ultimenu region
  • On the configuration screen
    • Check the box to display title
    • Set initial visibility to 1
    • Set Number of levels to display to Unlimited

Save the block

Step Four: Repeat for additional menus

Continue this procedure until you have created and placed all of your menus.