Associated Students Branding Guide

Maintaining a consistent, focused brand identity is a priority of the Associated Students of Western (ASWWU) as we strive to communicate our central values through both our written and visual messaging. Our guide provides a framework for our brand’s identity, voice, and usage.
The AS Communications Office manages the ASWWU brand and ensures the brand is implemented appropriately. The AS Communications Director administers this branding guide to ensure all messaging and official AS publicity is in compliance with these guidelines.


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Our Tagline

"By students, For students."

Like our logo, our brand is rooted in our shared experience as Western students. Therefore, our branding guide can be conceptualized as an addendum to the Western Washington University Brand Guide, and is meant to align our external-facing identity with that of the university. However, the ASWWU brand diverges in one key way: a specific focus on current students as our audience for all ASWWU messaging. Our brand voice focuses on providing messaging that is student-directed, empowering to students, and informed. We are by students, for students.


Our Logo

The ASWWU logo represents our connection to our school as the official organization representing all students at Western Washington University. Our logo is derivative of Western’s logo, illustrating our connection to and growth from the university. It is meant to be easily identified by the student body and immediately associated with official AS sponsored initiatives and events.



In order to best fit the space it occupies, the ASWWU logo may be stacked as shown. This is recommended only for use in spaces that are square or narrower. In order to maintain the brand, the “WWU” should never be omitted from either logomark.
See the full brand guide for detailed information on appropriate logo use.

See the full brand guide for detailed information on appropriate logo use.

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Inclusive Language Statement


Our inclusive language guidelines serve as ASWWU’s expectations of AS employees, as well as students, community members, and all participants in AS initiatives/events. These guidelines are also expected to be applied through AS employees’ management of AS office social media accounts, campaigns, or promotional efforts.


ASWWU is committed to including all students in its mission and maintaining spaces and initiatives that prioritize inclusive practices. We recognize that an important component of our voice requires our initiatives to be empowering to all students, as well as informed by our personal and academic understandings of larger systems of oppression; this includes a fierce commitment to inclusive language practices in both our written communication and speech.

ASWWU expects those involved in AS work to be aware of their language and adopt language that intentionally nurtures community and validates the lived experiences of our diverse constituency. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • avoiding language or statements that perpetuate stereotyping/generalization about one or more identities.
  • recognizing the intersectionality of identities, and that our language should reflect that interconnectedness.
  • utilizing language that focuses on the people we connect with (not their marginalized identity).
  • committing to learn about and evolve the terminology we use to describe oppressive structures, marginalized identities and societal issues.
  • responding to feedback appropriately in the moment about language choice and recognizing the importance of adopting language that is validating and respectful to others.