MABEL (Multimedia Archives Based Electronic Library) is a robust, central repository for discovery, sharing and preservation of Western's digital assets. MABEL provides sustainable management of digital content that facilitates creativity, outreach, research, teaching and learning at Western Washington University. MABEL is the result of a cross-campus partnership involving content creators, stewards and stakeholders.

MABEL as a Resource

for Designers and Content Creators

Members of the University community at large can search MABEL's public-facing collections. This can be a useful way to gather photos, videos, and historical text. Western employees can use MABEL to manage and share assets on behalf of their units.

MABEL has materials relating to the history of Western, as well as the surrounding community and region. This includes photographs, oral history transcripts, recordings, maps, and other archival material. The collections will continue to grow - check back often to discover new content!

Notes on Copyright

Each object in MABEL includes a statement about conditions governing its access and use provisions. Check the Rights section under the Details tab. Contact the repository/object custodian if you have questions.

Restrictions on Use

Most public content in MABEL can be used by individuals engaged in academic/educational activities that meet the Fair Use criteria of U.S. Copyright Law. MABEL does, however, contain collections and objects that are still in copyright but being shared under the "Fair Use" provisions of U.S. Copyright Law. It also contains collections that are subject to other restrictions.

Some uses (including publication, web publication or for-profit use) require additional permissions. Citations/credit lines will always be appropriate, and are often required.

How to download content

For many objects, this is as simple as finding the Download and Print Options link. By default, public users will have access to a "derivative" copy rather than a "master" version of file uploaded to MABEL.

MABEL contains a wide range of public collections, where anonymous users can access, view and download content. However, some content in MABEL is restricted for internal use.

How to access high quality files

In most cases, you will need to reach out to the object custodian and request a copy of the "master" version of the file. The object custodian is the person or group responsible for managing a collection. Providing them with the url or unique identifier (PID) for that object will speed the process.

The PID can be found by expanding the details section associated with a file and looking for the term, Identifier (MABEL PID). It will look similar to wwu:32895.

How to access non-public collections

Access to non-public content through MABEL requires permission of the object custodian. You will also need a MABEL account and training. Contact MABEL to get started.

The MABEL team is working on ways to make it easier for campus units to share content with Western's graphic designers and content creators.

How to contribute

If you (or your group) have an interest in adding and managing assets, or have any suggestions for improvements, the MABEL team would love to hear from you.